La Resistance – An Art Collective Rises

In 2012, Laura Lee White had a car accident that changed everything. Not just for her, but for independent artists in Spokane.

“I realized that I had to get my life together,” she admits, “So after spending time in school learning design, and eventually working at a framing shop, I started to think about how I could do art full time.”


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Edison Station – A unique experience in Skagit

Once a thriving shingle factory town, Edison is now home to art galleries, a local custom cabinetry operation, a printer, a high-end art curio shop, a locavore bakery, an ultra-hip café, an authentic Mexican restaurant, a textile gallery and shop, a home and garden boutique, and an artist co-op styled shop that promotes reconditioned artistic renderings.

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Lookout Arts Quarry – A haven for creativity

The Lookout Arts Quarry near Bellingham was launched by a group of artists who have been establishing the land as an arts center.

“We are about providing a creative space for artists, while also establishing a sustainable area for large festivals and events geared to supporting the community,” says Board Member Noodles, who is one of 31 shareholders of the site.

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Living Local

The Crossing Guide was created for people travelling in the Pacific Northwest. It evolved into a guide for local living, while embracing audiences and contributors from around the world.

With a passion for adventure, our writers experience unique activities, encounter people and lifestyles that bring you stories of exploration and transformation through experience.

From Bellingham to Spokane, to Alaska and beyond, this site is about bringing new ideas, world views and the people who are seeing and doing things. We hope you’ll join us in our journey.

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