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      ----------------------------------------- OH! Brother, Sister, Veteran of such Holy/Hellish Wars! Stand down I say Stand down... Forgiveness breaks spider-strong webs [...]
  • 20150828_165913

    October Mission: Beer

    Grab your cab fare or designated driver, comfiest drinking shoes (no time for heels on this pub crawl), poncho & Wi-Fi, and join me on what’s bound to be (almost 97% [...]
  • Mt. Baker_WEB

    Sailing into the Deep Blue on SUVA

    Even before I step onto SUVA—Coupeville’s 90-year-old heritage vessel—I know our 2-hour sail in Penn Cove is going to be amazing. The sky is Caribbean blue, there’s a [...]
  • Outside Firepit 2_WEB

    “Free To Be You” at Home2Suites

    In the lobby, the first thing I notice about the newly opened Home2Suites in Bellingham is its modern, stream-lined furniture and the contemporary color scheme of blues, [...]

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