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  • Let me clear: I dislike journalism that is written from a first-person perspective. I guess it’s because of the false dichotomy that says if you are a reporter, then you [...]
  • Crystal clear lakes, verdant pines and massive snow-capped mountains fly by as the train jiggles along the track from Skagway, Alaska to White Pass Summit. As a rule, I avoid [...]
  • As I climb into my tattered beige seat in the eight-passenger Cessna, I feel a flash of trepidation. I’ve never flown a plane, yet somehow find myself playing co-pilot for [...]
  • “The harder it is to get on, the warmer you will be.” After spending 20 minutes struggling to get into our wetsuits, this seemed like a reasonable condolence to hear from [...]
  • The first time I heard Jump Around by Rappers House of Pain, I was playing hoops at Greenlake Park in Seattle against some of coldest ballers from the C.A.Y.A (Central Area [...]
  • Lopez Island is one of friendliest places I have ever been. This becomes apparent immediately with the “Lopez Wave.” Every single person that we drove past waved, and I [...]
  • It was a sunny and unusually hot June day at the La Conner Flats in the rolling fields of Skagit County. Guests were enjoying the shade under the festive canopy, taking in [...]
  • View from Balcony toward ferry
    It’s one of those mornings Pacific Northwesterners crave on gloomy, wet days. Above Mt. Baker’s white-tipped peak is a pale blue sky with wispy cotton clouds and [...]

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